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Bloomington’s Trusted HVAC Pros Share the Causes of Cracked Heat Exchangers

What are the Causes of Cracks in Your Heat Exchanger?

Do you own a furnace? For sure you know how dangerous it can be to have a cracked heat exchanger. The exhaust gas that should be vented out of your home can pose health risks. These toxic gases like carbon monoxide can be life-threatening if they keep circulating indoors.Furnace Repair Bloomington, MNThe crack in your heat exchanger is caused by several reasons—and addressing them as early as possible can save you from trouble. Here are common reasons for a cracked heat exchanger:

Incorrectly Sized Furnace

Anything that’s too much is never good—just like an oversized furnace. It can lead to various issues, including cracks on the heat exchanger. Also, your furnace may experience short-cycling, which causes the metal pipes to wear out faster than they should.

Inefficient Furnace Due to Old Age

With age, the heat exchanger contracts and expands. So if your furnace has been with you for several years now, it might have developed some cracks, especially on the heat exchanger. This makes your system work harder than normal in heating your home. Talk to your local HVAC contractor for furnace installation in Bloomington, MN.


Your furnace overheats because of clogged filters and ductwork. The heat exchanger will work longer and harder to keep your space warm. Too much wear and tear on the heat exchanger may result in cracks.When you notice cracks and overheating, you may need to call for furnace repair in Bloomington, MN as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing troubles with your heating system, feel free to talk to us at Tiger Plumbing, Heating & Air for your needs.Boiler service Bloomington, MN


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