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Eden Prairie’s #1 HVAC Company Shares Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Eden Prairie's #1 HVAC Company Shares Ways to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Five Ways to Keep Your Home Warm (And Save Money) This Winter

When we think about winter, the first few things that come into our minds are hot mugs of chocolate drinks, the sweaters’ thick layers, and those SCARY ENERGY BILLS! While we enjoy living in a comfortably warm home, we can’t avoid the stress when those heating bills surge and consume a large portion of our budget.To help you deal with high heating costs without compromising your comfort, here are five (5) effective ways you can follow for efficient home heating this winter.HVAC

Set Your Boiler’s Timer Wisely

Scheduling your boiler to turn on thirty minutes before you wake up in the morning is a lot cheaper than running it at a higher temperature at the moment you need the heat. Also, do not keep it running for a whole day if you are not at home.

Move Your Home Furniture

Placing your furniture close to your heating system can prevent the heat from effectively circulating throughout the room. If you are using a fireplace or stove, it can damage your furniture due to extreme heat. So be sure to clear anything that obstructs your heater so it can dispense warm air effectively. Expert furnace installation Eden Prairie, MN, knows how significant it is to have a proper location for your furnace.

Put Foil Behind Your Radiators

This one will help warm your house—not your walls. Foils are popular in terms of insulating the house and retaining the heat indoors. It can reflect the heat into your home, which means it can warm the space faster and keep the collected heat longer.

Work On Your Curtains

Your curtains at home are your best friends when it comes to efficiency. Opening your curtains during the day to let the heat in and closing them in the evening to add another layer of insulation is a great way to heat your home. This way, you can help the warm air to stay indoors throughout the cold nights.HVAC

Schedule Maintenance

Before the extreme weather arrives, make sure to schedule your fall maintenance or furnace repair Eden Prairie, MN service to secure your heating system’s condition. You will be thankful to know that all potential problems are addressed and solved before they even cause major trouble in the winter.While it’s true that heating systems are the energy hogs in any home, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. Try the tips we’ve provided and see how they make a difference in your heating costs.
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