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Consulting with your local HVAC contractor is the best solution to know what heating system is best for your home, needs, and budget.

Different kinds of heaters are available in the market, which serve various purposes. Some types of equipment work better in some climates than others.

If you hire our professionals at Tiger Plumbing, Heating & Air, our technicians can assist you in choosing the right system that meets your heating standards. Give us a call today!

If your drains do not show any signs of problems, it is better to keep away from these chemicals. These chemicals are hazardous to your pipes and can cause significant damage. Use a chemical drain cleaner only if a professional told you so, as most chemicals are caustic and are not biodegradable, harming the quality of rivers.

Water filtration systems remove chlorine and bacterial contaminants to produce  high-grade tasting drinking water. Water filters also remove lead and a number of number of harmful substances from your water supply.

Drinking clean and filtered water will help boost the immunity of your body from diseases. Using filtered water means there’s a healthy mineral deposit and a healthy pH in the water you ingest!