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If you happen to have a faulty HVAC service, it can significantly affect the overall functionality of your brand new A/C unit or heating system. That’s why it is crucial for any property owner to only rely on a certified A/C installation and replacement in Chaska, MN from the pros to avoid mistakes.

6 Most Common A/C Installation Mistakes


You have just purchased a brand new A/C unit, and now it is time for installation service. It is imperative to understand that several issues may occur with incorrect A/C installation. That is why our team at Tiger Plumbing, Heating & Air listed some of the most common A/C installation mistakes that you be aware of. Read on!


1. Wrong Size of the A/C Unit


Remember that the size of your air conditioner should also be according to the size of the room it is supposed to cool. If your unit is not the ideal size, it won’t do its job well.

Meanwhile, if your A/C unit is too big, it may result in short cycling. To ensure maximum home comfort, let an expert A/C and furnace installation team help!


2. Sloppy Wiring Work


Suppose you have your A/C replacement done with an unqualified or amateur technician. In that case, they could easily do careless wiring service that can lead to risks that may even affect your unit’s heating and cooling capability.


Call only certified A/C installation and replacement in Chanhassen, MN to ensure you’ll get the best results out of the project.


3. Improper Insulation on the Suction Line


No matter what type of A/C or heating services, proper insulation of the refrigerant on the suction line is vital. In cases where there is a lack of insulation, the efficiency of your air conditioning equipment will considerably go down. So, be sure to contact us to ensure an energy-efficient HVAC system.


4. Suction Line Having Right Angles


What happens if the suction lines are at right angles? It causes heavy resistance in your system. In this case, your air conditioner has to work double to provide enough heating and cooling, resulting in serious wear and tear. An expert installer won’t commit this mistake, so be sure to choose the right people for the job.


5. Not Enough Space Between the A/C Unit and the Wall


Whether you plan to have a mini-split or wall-mounted A/C, it’s important to have sufficient space between the unit and the wall for optimal performance. This ensures the right amount of airflow that will help your unit to work optimally. If you notice your technician is not leaving enough space, you can ask them nicely to do so.


6. Too Long Refrigerant Pipes


Refrigerant pipes connect the outdoor and indoor units of a central A/C. Their length should neither be too long or too short, or else, your A/C won’t function properly. Too long refrigerant pipes may result in continuous compressor work and excess energy usage.


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