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Furnace Repair in Bloomington, MN

During the coldest days of the year, your home should be a comfortable haven to keep you and your family cozy and warm. This is when your furnace plays a significant role in creating that comfortably warm indoor environment.

For years, Tiger Plumbing Heating and Air delivers superb furnace repair services for residential and commercial customers in Bloomington, MN, and the surrounding communities. Contact us for any heating issues you face.

Top 5 Signs of Furnace Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

A comfortable home requires an efficient heating system. When a problem arises, you’ll know by keeping an out of these furnace repair signs:

Strange Noises

Is your furnace starting to make strange noises, such as banging, hissing, scraping, and thumping? If so, a hidden issue might have been causing your system to work inefficiently. It would be best to act right away before it leads to expensive repairs. Don’t ignore these noises! Calling a furnace repair Bloomington, MN experts is the best thing to do.

Unusually High Gas/Electricity Bills

Rising market prices of gas and electricity aren’t just the reason for inflating bills. The efficiency rate will dwindle as your furnace ages, especially it goes without maintenance. When your heater works longer and harder, your bills are likely to increase.

There’s Not Much Heat

If you think that your heater isn’t producing enough heat, the reasons could be either of these: loose belts or bearings, dirty air filters, or a faulty fan motor. It is best to consult an expert furnace repair company in Bloomington, MN. These certified technicians have the right knowledge and tools to address the issue.

Filthy Smell

Does your furnace smell like a rotten egg or burnt wire? Beware! It could be a sign of gas leakage and you might be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Gas leaks are dangerous, so we recommend calling a gas utility service to identify the cause of that smell.

Faulty Thermostat

Heating systems are built with thermostats, which are responsible for regulating your home’s indoor temperature. But with a faulty thermostat, there’s no way for you to achieve your desired comfort level. In this case, you’ll need to check and troubleshoot your thermostat.

Just like home appliances, your furnace needs a regular checkup and tune-up. Doing this ensures that your heating equipment functions correctly as it should.

Tiger Plumbing, Heating, and Air is your trusted furnace repair company in Bloomington, MN. We have earned years of experience in serving various brands, models, and types of HVAC systems. We’ll work with you throughout the process to offer you the right solution to get your heating system up and running as quickly as possible.

Is your furnace acting up lately? Call us at 952-800-9502 and we’ll be there to assist you.